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Reference projects featuring RetroFit ECFanGrid

Up to 50% of energy and CO² can be saved by replacing existing belt drive fans with modern, energy-efficient EC freewheels in a grid module design. Rosenberg's ECFanGrids are energy efficient, easy to maintain and benefit from a minimal payback period.

ECFanGrids are therefore an ideal retrofit solution compared to old fan systems and are also available as a modern option for complete renovation or when planning new ventilation systems.

ECFanGrid Reference Projects

Zentrum für Translationswissenschaft

Demontage des Bestandsventilators und Retrofit mit Rosenberg ECFanGrid Modul


ECFanGrid Reference Projects

Landeskrankenhaus Hall
Hall / Tirol

Lieferung und Einbau von 2 ECFanGrid Systemen + Brandgasventilatoren

2020 - 2021

ECFanGrid Reference Projects

BKH Schwaz
Schwaz / Tirol

Lieferung und Einbau von 32 ECFanGrad Anlagen als Retrofit Lösung

2020 - 2021

ECFanGrid Reference Projects

GMS Gourmet

Demontage der bestehenden Ventilatoren und Einbau neuer ECFanGrid Module


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